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During this phase of life, real estate should be handled with a holistic approach. Senior clients often come with other generations of family members to consider. Graceful Living Homes & Estates Realtors are trained to navigate the delicate dynamics of adult children caring for their parents while encouraging their older parent involvement in the decision-making process. If you are considering a new home purchase, selling your family residence, or transitioning into a care-based facility, here are a few ways that our Realtors can help:

  • For seniors opting for Age-in-Place, Graceful Living Homes & Estates can refer a Realtor who can evaluate your home, find problem areas and suggest home modifications. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the aging-in-place remodeling market is valued at about $25 billion annually. Having someone to help you navigate appropriate repairs could save you money.
  • Graceful Living Homes & Estates may be able to direct you to the community, government, and private programs designed to provide additional financial assistance. Many seniors may qualify for programs that can help them save money, but they do not apply because they don’t know the program exists. We are trained to save you time and point you in the right direction.
  • Graceful Living Homes & Estates consist of geriatric care managers and counselors who are equipped to handle various needs regarding care and/or refer you to senior groups and agencies within the community that provides in-home assisted living services.

Graceful Living Homes & Estates experts are here to help you get started on one of life’s most challenging times. We cater to the “Generation in the Middle”. Adults caring for their kids and their parents. We understand the stress that comes with this role and want to ease your concerns by being a Care Partner in your journey.

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