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Graceful Living offers clients a holistic approach to aging that addresses mature adults’ physical, emotional, and social well-being and their families. Through guidance counseling and real estate planning, Graceful Living’s Care Team is helping families across the country better understand their resources and home care needs while serving them with love and grace.

Market Trends

A growing generation of people between the ages of 40 and 50 are finding themselves caring for their younger family members and their aging parents. They are called the “generation in the middle.”

In 2018 alone, about 10,000 individuals turned 65 in the United States. Nowadays, more and more seniors are hoping to age in their own homes. We offer our counseling services to help older adults have more preferences in their care options.

What is a Gerontologist?

Gerontologists are aware of life transitions and experiences encountered through those transitions. Some examples may include retirement, end-of-life planning, and losing loved ones. These are all a part of the aging process. In turn, gerontologists become equipped to help people navigate the long-term care system and connect older individuals with organizations that can meet their needs.

Apart from guiding older people through these stages, gerontologists also study market research, as older individuals make up a large and growing segment of consumers. Their maturity and lifestyle may also have the most significant spending power. Older consumers are now referred to as the “mature market population.”

As subject matter experts regarding aging, gerontologists can offer valuable insight to companies. They bring expertise about older consumers’ needs, wants, and preferences. Additionally, they know that preferred methods of communication differ by age group.

Our Mission Statement

Graceful Living is committed to bridging the gap in the provision of care, counseling, and lifestyle for mature adults in the communities we serve. We seek to empower and inspire them to age in place gracefully through a holistic approach.

Our Vision Statement

To become the leading provider of counseling and real estate services in Georgia and beyond, recognized for our knowledge and expertise in a vast range of matters related to mature adults and their families.

Connect with Us

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